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5V Strategy drives your customer and sales analytics

Powerful & Innovative

We are a highly specialized tech company build from scratch around data analytics. Rooted in business, we fully focus on the business value beyond your use case.

Experienced experts

We are delivering results in interdisciplinary teams including seasoned business professionals with 15+ years of experience and smart data engineers and scientists from Europe’s leading Universities.

Dynamic Pricing

Getting pricing right is hard but rewarding. One of our clients increased both volume and profit per purchase after implementing a data-driven multi goal optimization pricing strategy. 

Cross & Upselling

Collaborative filtering is the basis of Amazon’s “similar customer bought” algorithm and allowed us to increase a client’s contribution margin within the targeted product segment by 1.8%.

Churn Prediction

Prediction whether a customer might leave the brand allowed our client to more efficiently allocate marketing budgets and to better identify the reasons why customers leave.

"To increase your share in a mature market, you need better information than your competition."

Dr. Steffen Illig  –  Founder of 5V Strategy.

5V Insight

KPI-based performance management, operative sales steering and forecasting. Always up-to-date. All in one portal. Build around your company.

5V Fiber

Robust, scalable and highly efficient AWS-Cloud backend simplifying data ingestion, data preparation, machine learning, business intelligence and data visualization.

5V Data

Carefully assembled external sales, pricing and customer sociographic data assets. 100% legal and ready to be used in your project.

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Come to 5V Strategy if you are willing to deliver excellent work within a great team working in one of the most exciting fields of our time.

Mission of 5V Strategy

"To deliver data-driven success stories to our clients. To excite and retain exceptional people."

About Us

5V-Strategy is a cloud-based data analytics company with roots in Cambridge University. 

Today, we are highly specialized in the field of Customer and Sales Analytics delivering use cases like Dynamic Pricing, Stock Optimization, Sales Planning and Customer Behavior Prediction.

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